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Closed at this time, but normally any and all friendly, team-oriented, casual actives please apply!
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Welcome to Chor Tempest, a friendly, active, casual, and team-oriented guild on the Frost Reach server for TERA Online!
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The Great Purge is Complete!

Shadowblight, Aug 30, 12 3:11 PM.
M'kay so I did go through both the guild roster and site, and anyone who did not respond to the latest activity post AND did not log in for over one month's time should now be removed from both the guild's roster in both places.

The in-game guild application system is now back to being open, so fresh recruits are a go. :)

...I'm not perfect, so if you notice any accidental deletions, or are definitely still interested in remaining in Chor despite your deletion, just say the word!

Important Mail

Shadowblight, Aug 21, 12 1:36 PM.
Go and check your mail for important updates and info about TERA and Chor, members! :D

Look forward to seeing you in-game~~

Small Purging

Shadowblight, Jul 1, 12 5:03 AM.
Hey, just as a public FYI, I did remove several members for inactivity for over 1 month's time. In case you didn't receive your notifications via GP mail, you are not precluded from joining again later if you so choose. We just need to endeavor to keep a rolling healthy, active roster.

Also I did remove from the guild any alts who did not mark in the guild notes who their main is, as I asked to happen nearly a month ago now as well. Again, you can request they be re-added, but this is just to keep some sanity in an otherwise unorganizable list thanks to in-game limitations.

Thank you! <3

New tab!

Yunchang, May 7, 12 6:56 PM.
We now have a Guild Resources tab available here on the Chor Tempest site. Parts of it are still being initialized, but there's several new widgets that can help you communicate with other guild members about what you need help with, and what you can contribute to helping others!

The Need widget allows you to place requests for assistance with completing BAM quests, dungeons, or that one thing you've wanted to do. Yeah, that one. And if you see a request that you want to get in on, you can sign up right there on the widget.
The Crafting Marketplace is similar, but designed specifically for requesting specific weapons, armor, potions, or the like.
Updating your character's craft skills will allow you to be listed in the Tradeskills widget in order for guild members to know who to ask to have that weapon/armor made.
The Guild Bank, Guild Funds, and others are ones that require manual entry to fill, so they'll see more use when I'm not being as entirely lazy. <_<

New Domain!

Shadowblight, Apr 25, 12 11:11 PM.
Just so everyone knows, I've gotten it set up for us here to be able to use as a way to get to this site.

I just set it up this evening, so it may not work off the bat, but by sometime tomorrow you can likely expect all the DNS servers out there to have it and be properly redirecting.

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